2018年4月23日 星期一

無所不在的位元組碼直譯器 (Bytecode interpreter) 是怎麼運作的?

這份筆記將提及 Bytecode Interpreter 1 如何運作及應用,最後引用 Steve Kemp 的實作來說明。從中了解當時一個困擾的問題,如何從無到有被克服,而其中的解法又如此漂亮。

2018年1月18日 星期四



Linus : 程式的品味

2016年,Linus在TED訪談時,向 Chris Anderson 提到程式的品味( Good Taste of code ). 大部分的人可能會訝異想程式也有味道可言。其實這跟寫作一樣,為什麼有些文章讀起來津津有味,有些文章不知所言。程式也是一樣,可讀性對於程式越來越重要,尤其當你跟其他人一起開發的時候,雙方如果能夠快速的了解你的程式碼,對於開發的效率大大地提昇。

Display Serial Interface (DSI) by MIPI

One of the biggest change in mobile technology is higher display resolustion with faster interface. I would like to describe how image content transfer from digital binary to pixel’s crystal. This article is motivated by many discussions with Chun-Hsi, Bowen and Scott.

VirtualBox is strong, but Docker is quick. Let’s build with Docker!

All credit belongs to Tommy from Synaptics. Thanks a lot for his help to set up Docker for me.

For years we have talked about local build environment on the customer side. There are several ways to deploy it i.e. cygwin+toolbox, VirtualBox. However, those environments cannot directly clone to other user’s PC and we always have a lot of “My PC doesn’t work as yours” problems.

So, can we have a better solution to to eliminate “works on my machine” problems when collaborating on code with co-workers? Now we have the Docker to solve this issue. This makes for efficient, lightweight, self-contained systems and guarantees that software will always run the same, regardless of where it’s deployed.

Immutable Truth: Less is More

It’s inspired by The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey. You can get more detail from his book or this note. This is a really good book and gives many useful hands-on experience. Instead of overtime work, we should think a better way to let your focus on most important thing at right time.

2018年1月17日 星期三

Note of construciton on Windows 10

Backup is important when your laptop won’t wake up. Furthermore, HD decryption takes a long time and not guarantee to recover totally. That's why I have the chance to write this construction note : p Here is my step to install tool on Win 10!